Charting for Accountability {#thestruggleisreal}

I see the hashtag #thestruggleisreal all the time and that is definitely how I feel right now about my weight loss efforts.

I. Am. Struggling.

The easy excuse is that life has been so busy lately. We no longer have our wonderful nanny that made our lives easier all summer long. I’m trying to make up for how much slacking I did on the blog this summer, and I’m still having trouble saying no to the awesome review opportunities that come my way. My amazing job with DietBetter can be really hard to find time for without a large blog of time to get into a grove without the start and stop of fielding children. My kiddos deserve any extra attention I can give them during the day. Last, especially after BlogFest, I am dying to get some time in on up and coming projects that seem to fall to the bottom of the list!


Whew! Now that that’s over…

I can still do this!

I’m a very visual person. I have a million to-do lists, dry erase boards on the back of cabinets for meal plans and reminder, more than one planner, and multiple notebooks to hot things down.

Especially now with how much I have on my plate, I need some reminders so that the time doesn’t go by with me completely missing some important things.

Charting weight loss and fitness goals

When I found this “Class Chart” at the dollar store, I knew I had my temporary solution! I know have a “Kick Ass Chart” to help keep me on track. I placed everything in the order of my day and when I’d like to remember certain things. I also placed things in there to remind myself how easy it can be to fit something in.

No, I don’t plan to do five workouts a day, but I do want a reminder that I can fit in a naptime workout or run if I didn’t do a morning workout, or a quick 10-15 minutes before my shower if I still hadn’t had time for anything. I also need those many water reminders because, when I’m busy, I realize far too much time goes by between water breaks!

I’m getting there. It’s doing the trick so far and I love checking things off!

What do you do to keep yourself accountable? Are you a list and chart person?

10 thoughts on “Charting for Accountability {#thestruggleisreal}

    1. Post author

      Yes! It’s just a chart from the Dollar Tree that came wih a dry-erase marker so I can change it up each day. Thank you so much for the confidence boost!!

    1. Post author

      Great idea! That’s the next thing I want to try to do – plan a calendar of workouts and food. I’ve done it a bit, but I’d love to have a checklist like this on a calendar! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to share!!!

  1. Olivia

    Oh how real the struggle is! It really is a daily thing, as especially with little ones there is rarely true consistency in your days. I love your idea of the chart, especially because I can hang it up where all can see, to have others hold me accountable. For me, that is a huge part of keeping up with where I want to be with weight loss and workouts. I love the Dollar Store tip, why pay big $$ if a post it note will work just fine to make it your own??
    Olivia recently posted…The Five Things I Add to My Daily Diet for Weight Loss and Improved PhysiqueMy Profile

    1. Post author

      That helps me too – I’m always saying my goals out load so I have that accountability. Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comment!

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