Staging Tips to Make a Small House Look Bigger and Sell

Selling a small house? Here are six very easy staging tips to make a small house look bigger and sell fast!

Anyone can easily implement these changes to make their small house look spacious and sell!

Staging tips to make a small house look bigger - and sell!!

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When we decided to sell our house this past winter, it was because we needed something bigger.

So, when thinking about how we were going to make our house look it’s best, I knew we had to make it look bigger.

The biggest thing we did was get all the clutter we had accumulated out. The other things we did are so easy anyone can do them!

It must have worked because we had four offers on our house the first weekend it was on the market.

Staging tips to make your small house look bigger - clearing clutter

Staging Tips to Make a Small House Look Bigger… and Sell!


This is definitely the biggest tip I can ever give in the home selling process. It was also our number one tip for getting your house to sell fast.

Of all staging tips to make a small house look bigger, the BEST tip is to get that clutter out.

This is a good time to sell all those items you never used while in your current house. No sense, taking more than you need and cluttering the new house!

However, if you are like us, and make the decision to sell rather quickly. It’s easier just to rent a truck (or hit up some family members) and get everything you don’t need out of the house quickly.

Once you’ve decluttered, take a look at everything and declutter another time – or two or three more times.

It’s the easiest thing you can do and it will make the biggest impact.

Staging tips for a small house

Remove Rugs

When we were researching staging tips to make a small house look bigger, we found this really interesting tip, and it make a world of difference!

Rugs are comfortable for living and can define a space. However, they can also look cluttered and make a home look smaller.

Removing some rugs from your floor will make the floor space look bigger. Rugs stop your eye, and removing them will make the room look like it goes on and on.

It made a huge difference when we removed the rugs from our kitchen and entry.

Small House Staging - make your small house look bigger


Smaller Scale Furniture

Large furniture might be comfortable and useful for daily living, but smaller furniture will make your space look larger.

By removing heavier, larger furniture the space opens up and looks larger. It appears as though you can fit more. It also gives people the chance to envision their own furniture in the home.

We had two larger tables on either side of our couch and one held the printer. By removing those tables and using two very small tables, with very small bases, it made it look like there was more room. Here is a nice accent table with a similar style.

That’s another thing… using furniture that is smaller at the bottom or is lifted off the ground is a great way to give the illusion of more floor space.Staging tips to make your small house look bigger - small scale furniture

Empty Closets

You might think it’s a good idea to declutter the house by packing things away in the closets, but that’s not the way to go.

Potential buyers will be especially interested in closet space. If the closets are packed full, they won’t get to see the space available and may think the house doesn’t have enough storage.

It’s ok to keep things in the closet, but make it look organized and neat with these tips…

  • Keep empty space to make it look spacious
  • Don’t pack items to the sides in tight
  • Allow buyers to see the back, sides, and height of storage spaces
  • Use storage containers to keep things looking neat
  • Space out hangers in your closet to give the illusion of more room
  • Keep as much as you can up off the floor

Staging tips to make a small house look bigger - closet space

Take large items out of the garage

The home isn’t the only place where potential buyers are looking for space. The garage or storage areas are equally as important.

During open houses or showings, make sure to remove vehicles from the garage. Also, remove other large items that could make the space look smaller.

The more you can remove, the more buyers can envision their own items in their new home.

Brighten it up

Bright colors go a long way to making spaces look larger.

If you are able, a fresh coat of paint will instantly make a room look larger. Light and bright walls and trim give the illusion of space and airiness.

At the very least, make sure to turn on all lights and open all curtains. Sunshine streaming in through the windows, and lights on in dark corners will definitely make a small house look larger.

Small Fixes to Sell Your House Fast - (bedroom) lots of lighting

Are you planning on selling your house?

Do you have any other staging tips to make a small house look bigger and sell? I’d love to hear them!


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