Super Awesome Adventures at the Minnesota Children’s Museum #PlayMoreMN

The Minnesota Children’s Museum has undergone an amazing remodel in 2017. The much anticipated grand opening is coming up in the next month, and it looks amazing! One of the exhibits we’re looking forward to the most is named, “Super Awesome Adventures.” The Super Awesome Adventures exhibit boasts some amazing environments and activities for dramatic play. It’s going to be great!

The Minnesota Children's Museum Super Awesome Adventures

We have partnered with the Minnesota Children’s Museum to support their amazing initiative to help parents in encouraging play. As a Play Advocate we have the opportunity to learn about the importance of play and enjoy the new and improved Minnesota Children’s Museum.

A couple months ago we learned about all the amazing changes coming to the Minnesota Children’s Museum. In an effort to focus on the importance of play, they have identified different ‘Powers of Play’ and remodeled the museum with areas to address these skills and promote learning through play.

One of the areas of the new museum that looked like a lot of fun to me is an area called Super Awesome Adventures.

Super Awesome Adventures - The Minnesota Children's Museum

Super Awesome Adventures

Thrills never end in Super Awesome Adventures, an action-packed exhibit featuring a ninja laser maze, carpet skatepark, balance boards and a green-screen climbing wall. There’s high drama here — and you’re the star of the show.

Heroic tales abound in Super Awesome Adventures. Kids glide on carpet skates over alien terrain in a galactic park. Master ninjas twist, turn and crawl through a laser maze. Adventurers test their agility with balance boards. They don a cape, choose a dramatic setting and soar to new heights on a green screen climbing wall.  

When we got a chance to visit the museum after hours, the kids had so much fun in the Forces at Play. Super Awesome Adventures is located just outside Forces at Play. In the blank space just outside when we were there, there is now an amazing carpet skatepark! It looks like so much fun!

SAP Carpet Skate and disco ball - smaller

Our Little Guy is going to love the ninja laser maze! Not gonna lie, I want to give that one a try myself! Superheros are huge right now in our house, so I’m guessing he will also flip over the green screen climbing wall.

Both kids love an obstacle course, so I can see them having a great time moving from the balance boards to the skate park to the laser maze or climbing wall. There is so much to do in Super Awesome Adventures!

Ninja forest practice training at the Minnesota Children's Museum Super Awesome Adventures

Collaboration in Super Awesome Adventures

There is a lot of opportunity for collaboration with other kids in Super Awesome Adventures. They can create stories in the fun settings and work together as they play. Plus, they are going to have the best time!

For Parents in Super Awesome Adventures

As parents, we can help facilitate play in Super Awesome Adventures by encouraging the use of the props in the area. We can also encourage them to explore the different areas and test their limits.

green screen climbing wall in Super Awesome Adventures at The Minnesota Children's Museum

Win a Family 4 Pack of Tickets!

To celebrate the new and improved museum, The Minnesota Children’s Museum has given us the opportunity to give away a family 4 pack of tickets! ($52 value)

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13 thoughts on “Super Awesome Adventures at the Minnesota Children’s Museum #PlayMoreMN

  1. Aaron

    I completely agree to “let the kids play and work through things on their own” – I don’t think this is allowed much anymore.

  2. April Deters

    This looks and sounds amazing! I’m from out of town (originally from the area) and will be visiting end of June. Can’t wait to see it with my kids!

  3. heather b

    I agree with the statements about Therebeing too much pressure on parents to direct children’s play time and provide educational opportunities, and that you feel like a bad parent if you let your child play alone!
    I always feel like I should be involved in what they are doing or I am letting them down.

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