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School Lunch Ideas: healthy foods and the best containers

School has been in session for a couple months now. In September we’re all armed with school lunch ideas and a plan to pack perfectly balanced lunches throughout the year. It’s not easy to keep up creative, healthy, cold lunches all year long!

Are your lunch ideas getting a little stale at this point?

After a good 30+ cold lunches packed this year, we’ve fine tuned it and found our favorite lunch bags, containers, as well as snack and drink containers. We also have some of our kiddos’ school lunch ideas to show you for some inspiration, and links to other helpful school lunch ideas to boost your creativity!

School Lunch Ideas: healthy food and the best containers

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Crazy Ideas Overweight Runners Need to Leave in the Dust

It took a lot to get me to take that first step and begin running while considerably overweight. I learned to love it, but I spent years with crazy ideas about things I should and shouldn’t do as one of the overweight runners out there.

Even as the weight started to come off, I was still hanging onto these overweight runner fears and ideas. Only recently did I identify them and realize how crazy they are.

So, overweight runners unite and let’s get rid of these crazy ideas!

Crazy Ideas Overweight Runners Need to Leave in the Dust

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Our Summer Road Trip – AKA: Sneaking Hail Merry Bites through 3 states…

We went on the most beautiful trip the first week of summer vacation. We started from our cabin in Wisconsin, visited Mackinaw Island for a few days, and “camped” in Door County Wisconsin before returning home to Minnesota. All the while, I stealthily snacked on Hail Merry Bites so I wouldn’t have to share with the kids!

Our Summer Road Trip. AKA: Sneaking Hail Merry Bites through 3 states...

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The ONLY Way to Wake Up Early To Workout

After many failed attempts, I can tell you there are many ways to guarantee you won’t wake up early to workout, but there is only one proven way to make sure you do wake up early to workout and turn it into a habit.

The ONLY Way to Wake Up Early To Workout

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#BeFitAllYear 30-DayChallenge: FREE calendar, videos, and a GIVEAWAY!

Thanks to BeFit and Fit Approach, I’m super excited to have been given the opportunity to Jumpstart some healthy habits in 2016 and #BeFitAllYear. I’m even more excited to share the FREE 30-day workout calendar and videos with you, as well as give you a chance to win some of the BeFit goodies they’ve given me!

BeFitAllYear workouts, calendar, and nutrition product giveaway!

Confession: My 2016 health and weight loss goals have been off to a slow start. If I’m being completely honest, I’ve continued to gain weight after the holidays…

After losing 60lbs after my second child, I have really struggled to keep the scale going down. In the past year, I’ve added a part-time job to full-time staying home with the kids and the pressure has really decreased the amount of focus I’ve placed on my health. I’m feeling pretty discouraged lately…

I’m really feeling energized with this BeFit 30-Day Challenge. The best part is that the tools for the workouts are completely free! BeFit has put together an amazing series of videos, along with a workout calendar to help keep you on track.

I started this morning with the Dynamic Strength workout. It was fantastic! I woke up early, wandered through the dark to my office and got in a short and sweet strength training workout. Next to the tools being free, my favorite part is that these workouts are quick and effective – most are between 10-15 minutes. Toward the end of the 30 days, we’ll start to double up the workouts, but they still don’t take a huge chuck of time. Love that!

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I also got the chance to try out some of the great BeFit Nutritional Products. We have Chocolate Whey Protein, a PreWorkout, and Burn – a supplement to boost fat loss. I haven’t tried them yet, but I will keep you posted as I update you about my progress during the 30 days. For now, how about I open up the giveaway and give you a chance to win some for yourself!?

So, you know the workouts are free, short, and guided by a free calendar… So, who’s going to join me and #BeFitAllYear!?!

BeFit Nutrition Products Giveaway

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Ideas for Staying Active With Kids When You’re Stuck Inside

I love winter, don’t get me wrong, but there are plenty of stir-crazy days stuck inside with the kids. Days like that call for creative ideas to keep those crazy kids active and help release some energy.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ways to staying active with the kids while stuck indoors. Some are impulsive and easy, some take some planning, and some are store-bought games with an active element.

Ideas for Staying Active With Kids When You're Stuck Inside

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2016 Goals

I did a lot of thinking during my break from the blog through the holidays. I reflected on my goals from 2015, and wondered if I was focusing on the things that would make me the most happy and fulfilled in 2016.

When it all came down to it, there are four areas of focus that I seem to gravitate toward. These are the things I think about the most often, the things I pin on Pinterest, and I’m excited to push myself to execute some of the things I research and “plan” to do.

2016 goals

So, what made my list?

If you’ve been checking out the new blog design a little, I bet you can guess. Although, in my header, they are in no particular order…

First and foremost, my goal has always been to be a fun mom for my kids, to set a great example, and teach them all I can. Some of my previous goals definitely distracted me from this, and I am determined to bring this back to the forefront!


Kids Goals

  • Spend more quality time together
  • Plan projects and activities for us all
  • Be present
  • Read more
  • Focus on healthy eating and exercise in a fun way together

Next, I’ve always tried to focus on setting a healthy example for the kids. This year, I want to be more concrete with the things I change, healthy recipes I try, healthy habits I put in place, and increasing my activity level.


Health Goals

  • Focus on small changes
  • Serve healthier meals and snacks to the family
  • Get active together as much as possible
  • Schedule and plan
  • Take time for myself and make it a priority

We bought our home before having kids and we’ve definitely outgrown it. However, we aren’t finding much in our target area and our mortgage is so low, we are looking into more ways we can make our home work. Add to that that I’m a bit of a pack rat and have some severe hoarding tendencies, and organization and decluttering is an area that is pretty important to me. I’m determined to make some changes here!


Organization Goals

  • Declutter
  • Tackle small tasks
  • Deep cleaning schedule
  • More effective planning and scheduling
  • Making our small home work better for our growing family

I work part-time from home and my husband has recently changed professions and is working his way back up, so  money saving is an important thing for me. I want to continue to stay home and, to be honest, I definitely get a bit of a thrill out of saving money. The more we do for ourselves and the smarter we are with our money, the further we can stretch what we do have.

Saving Money

Money Saving Goals

  • Budgeting
  • Finding small ways to save
  • No spend periods
  • Savings plans
  • Making things at home

A lot of these areas overlap, and that’s when I  really love it! My goal is to check something off each list each week. I’m looking forward to it!

What are your goals for 2016?

Do we have some in common?

Kristin - Exploring Domesticity


Need a little love? LoveBug Probiotics

Well… It’s been a tough week…

I’ve been struggling to concentrate, and last night I was wracking my brain for something to write about. I finally decided to skip it and just hope things get back to normal soon.

Today, my alarm went off to remind me to take my probiotics, and I knew what I could write about.

I was approached by LoveBug to try their new line of probiotics, and I immediately fell in love with the bubbly, happy feel of the company! This is just the kind of energy I could use right now.

LoveBug Probiotics

Ashely, LoveBug’s co-founder and CEO, has this to say:

“LoveBug was founded in 2014 after I was diagnosed with Celiac, Candida, and a host of other unpleasant-sounding gut issues. Probiotics transformed my health and the more I learned about the importance of gut health and it’s connection to a myriad of illnesses we are plagued with in modern society, it became my mission to develop the perfect line of probiotics for women and share them with the world. As a result of this mission, LoveBug Probiotics contain no GMOs or preservatives and are gluten free, soy free, sugar free, and lactose free. We even package our probiotics with Organic Cotton!”

Our family has had quite the week. Between visits to the hospital, the loss of a family member, and everything that follows, taking care of our own health takes a back seat. I’ve been on a bit if a roller coaster of skipping meals and eating my feelings.

I set an alarm to take my LoveBug probiotic and, since they are recommended to be taken with food, my alarm helps me think of a healthy lunch to go with them.

LoveBug Probiotics

I learned pretty quickly not to try to swallow two at once – they’re rather large and will stick together, making the trip down pretty uncomfortable with two!

The LoveBug company totally gives me a happy feeling. The story behind it, the packaging, website, dedication to women’s health, and just the name itself gives me some warm fuzzies. If you want to check them out for yourself, head to http://LoveBugProbiotics.com and check out the newly launched line.


Do you take a probiotic?

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