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Encourage Play for Learning: Tips for Parents

As parents we want to give our kids every opportunity to grow and learn. These days that seems to mean structured activities, constant attention, and busy kids. However, one of the most important things for learning is PLAY! Play teaches children how to learn. Here are some tips for parents to encourage play for learning.

Tips for Parents to Encourage Play

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The Easy Peasy Healthy Snack Kids Love {and it’s a veggie!}

I can’t remember when I saw this tip, but it has been one of the best tips I’ve ever received!

This snack can make you feel great about what you’re giving your kiddos, it’s healthy, tastes good, it’s quick and easy, buys you time, and it’s fantastic for little ones, especially those who are teething.

Any ideas? Check out this Sunday’s Sunday Shortcut and let me know if this is a snack your kiddos enjoy!

The easy peasy healthy snacks kids love! And it's a veggie!

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Sunday Shortcuts: How to cut food for kids quickly and easily

Sunday Shortcuts: tips and tricks to make my life easier, and maybe your life too

Last time for my Sunday Shortcut, I shared one of our favorite meals to keep the kids busy and appeal to everyone – make-your-own flatbread pizzas – this shortcut is a perfect follow-up…

Having two little ones 16 months apart, I’ve cut a lot of food into bite-size pieces. What is the quickest and easiest way to cut food for little ones? It’s something we all have in our house and it’s a lifesaver!

The best tool for cutting food for little ones quickly and easily

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