Growing green onions in my kitchen!


Look at these amazing onions!  I found this idea on Pinterest, tried it, and failed twice before I got them to look like this

The first two times I did it I cut way down to the white and floated them in the water.  They got all slimy, the water got all cloudy, and they smelled bad!

I was about to give up and I decided to give it one more try.  I realized the picture I had seen had more green showing.  So, I cut my onions (and froze them in a Parmesan container to sprinkle on anything later) and left them about 2 inches long.

This time I had immediate success!  I can’t believe how fast they grow!  The onions pictured above have only been growing for 2 weeks!  I added that rubber band a few days ago because they were falling over.  I placed that band at the top of the jar – just to prove again how fast they grow.

Since they were getting way too long I cut them off and now have to figure out how I want to use them.  I’m wondering how they will grow after this second cut…

This is seriously great! why pay for something that is this low maintenance and grows in your kitchen!
Here are some tips I have to share
  • Make sure to leave them tall enough to stand above the water line
  • Even outer pieces that end below the water line will become gooey and soft.  I would remove these or use a rubber and to make sure they stay upright
  • Change the water out every couple days

That is it! They are so easy!  I think I might actually buy another bunch because I do have some slimy outer pieces that I tried to remove.  I would watch to make sure there is nothing to fall under water next time.
I hope you try these!  There is nothing easier and they are so fun to watch because they grow overnight!

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