Make Ahead Egg Breakfast Ideas {Nellie’s Summer School}

Summer is a time to buck the normal schedules, go with the flow, and have some fun with the kids. A good breakfast is still important. We’ve rounded up some make ahead egg breakfast ideas to make things easier with unpredictable summer schedules.

Over 250 Make Ahead Breakfast Ideas

We were provide with Nellie’s Free Range Eggs as well as a giveaways prize to share Nellie’s Summer School with you. In exchange, we had a lot of fun creating some delicious egg breakfasts we are happy to share with you. This post may also contain affiliate links we hope you find helpful.

Summer is here! our kiddos have just completed their first week of summer vacation. We’ve been taking advantage of the lack of schedules, but pretty soon we need to get back into a bit of a routine. We need some quick breakfast ideas to make sure we have a nutritious breakfast for the busy days ahead.

Nellie’s Summer School

While “summer school” often gets a bad rap, Nellie’s Free Range Eggs wants parents and kids to get into the kitchen and prepare delicious egg-centric recipes during its own “Nellie’s Summer School” this June.

Nellie's Free Range Eggs - Nellie's Summer School

Nellie’s Free Range Eggs

Nellie’s is committed to providing better lives for hens, which means better eggs for you and your family! Coming from the first Certified Humane® farm in the country, Nellie’s girls (aka hens) are never caged and have as much, or as little, access to outside as they want.

Easy to prepare, inexpensive and nutrient dense, eggs are one of the most versatile and nutritious meal or snack options around. Plus, they’re a great first food to get kids into the kitchen and interested in cooking at an early age.

Nellie's Summer School with Nellie's free range eggs

We got a fantastic package from Nellie’s Free Range Eggs. The kiddos sprang all over the stuffed chicken and egg ball. I got right to work with the adorable egg pan. You can win a pan and some Nellie’s coupons of your own below! 

Nellie’s Free Range Eggs are a bit more expensive. The ones at our local store were almost $5 a dozen, which is a bit of a difference from the prices I’m used to at Aldi. However, they are gorgeous eggs, a bit bigger than our usual from Aldi, and you can’t beat the companies practices and quality.

Make Ahead Egg Breakfast Ideas

What we made with our Nellie’s Free Range Eggs

We jumped right in and came up with two new (to us) ways to make our eggs. They turned out great!! It’s so fun to test out new recipes – the benefits are an awesome breakfast like I had that day! Yum!

Make Ahead Egg Breakfast

Egg Wrap

For Mother’s Day we hosted breakfast at our house and made my mom’s favorite – crepes. I love swirling them around the pan and getting them as thin as possible.

It occurred to me that this would be an awesome way to make eggs ahead of them. Then, when you go to heat them up, you can fill them with whatever you have on hand, or you can make them up like a wrap to freeze with all the yumminess inside.

It’s so simple. Just whip your Nellie’s egg and preferred seasonings in a bowl, pour into a medium size pan, and start to swirl the egg so it reaches to the edges. Once the bottom releases and the top begins to set, flip the egg and remove from the pan when done. Fill with your favorite veggies, cheese, etc.

Eggs, tomato, and avocado is one of my favorite food combinations, so it was a no-brainer for me. It was so delicious!

Make Ahead Breakfast - Egg Wrap

Egg Pizza

This inspiration came from another meal the kids and I love: make-your-own-pizzas.

The little egg pan is the perfect size for one Nellie’s egg, and a personal “pizza.” You can beat the egg in a bowl or just crack the egg into the sprayed pan and let it set. Either cover and let the top begin to set, or give it a quick flip and then back again. Top with any “pizza” toppings you like and cover to melt the cheese a bit

I added the same toppings I had already chopped – tomato and avocado – along with a little sausage, and topped it all with some shredded mozzarella. It was also amazing!

Make Ahead Egg Breakfast - Egg Pizza

These would be perfect for wrapping and freezing. You could also make a larger batch in one of those muffin top pans – I have one and love it for egg patties. Just cook the egg until it sets, add your toppings, and melt.

Speaking of pans, whenever I’m baking eggs (as you’ll see for a lot of the recipes below) I swear by the USA pans. They are non-stick and amazing! The egg will lift right off even without spraying! We use them for everything!

Make Ahead Egg Breakfast Ideas from Exploring Domesticity

We’ve made a lot of eggs around here. Most of them I tend to do in large batches and freeze for something quick and effortless in the morning. Here are some make ahead egg breakfast ideas we’ve done.

Make Ahead Breakfast - Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches and Burritos

One of the first things I ever shared on this ol’ blog was how I prep enough frozen breakfast sandwiches to last my husband three weeks. I use different items as the mood strikes and make them all up assembly line style. You can find many different suggestions here. I also make frozen breakfast burritos, often with the scraps if I use a glass to cut the egg patties.

Make Ahead Ham and Egg Muffins

Egg Muffins

Egg muffins are great! They are so easy to make and you can make them differently each time and use up whatever you have in your fridge. I’ve shared more than a few over the years…

  • Mini Shrimp Fritattas – if you haven’t tried shrimp and eggs, you’re missing out!
  • Egg Muffins – the first time I shared how I make them. This version adds a small piece of bread to the bottom, which gives it a french toast taste
  • “Healthier” Egg Breakfast Muffin – with this version I lightened it up a bit by cutting out the bread and adding turkey sausage
  • Ham and Asparagus Egg White Cups – I love the way the egg sits in the ham cups and the ham get baked around the edges. Also, asparagus and eggs is delish!

hard boiled eggs container

Hard Boiled Eggs

I don’t freeze these, but I have to mention hard boiled eggs as a perfect make ahead egg breakfast option.

My kiddos can eat the heck out of some hard boiled eggs! We make at least a dozen at a time and they don’t last long. We just seal them up in one of these egg containers.

I have some great tips for making perfect hard boiled eggs.  Hint: you use one of these.

FYI: I have a whole list of gadgets and tools I love for perfect eggs!

Over 250 Make Ahead Egg Breakfast Ideas

Other Make Ahead Egg Breakfast Ideas

Does anyone else have a whole pinterest board just for breakfast? I do! Here are some other ideas that I’ve found for great make ahead egg breakfast ideas.

Make Ahead Egg Breakfast Recipes

Make Ahead Egg Muffins

Make Ahead Breakfast Lists

If you can’t find anything in those recipes or lists, I won’t believe it!


Win Nellie's Free Range Eggs and Mini Egg Pan

Nellie’s Free Range Eggs Giveaway

So, now that you have a HUGE list of ideas, Nellie’s Free Range Eggs wants you to get in the kitchen with your family and start making breakfast!

To help, they’ve given me an adorable egg pan and Nellie’s Free Range Eggs coupons to give to one of you! Enter below! US only, please.

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Kristin - Exploring Domesticity

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93 thoughts on “Make Ahead Egg Breakfast Ideas {Nellie’s Summer School}

  1. BreannaS

    I’m not sure the comments went through on my phone. Sorry if this is a duplicate. I pinned an image on my pinterest account I like my eggs over easy with toast but I have also made breakfast biscuits with egg, bacon, sausage, cheese etc. and frozen them for later use. The silicone strainer is awesome and would have been very useful as I was making hard boiled eggs this morning.

  2. Jen

    I love quiche so when I make them the leftover pieces can also be reheated for breakfast. Since I use a lot of eggs in it it’s not a bad breakfast once in a while.

  3. Starla

    That egg wrap looks SO good. I love sunny side up eggs over medium. They have always been my favorite. I have truly never tried to make ahead breakfast sandwiches!

  4. Karla R.

    I love to eat egg sandwiches because they are so easy. Boil the eggs while I get ready and then just put it together when I am done.

  5. amy guillaume linderman

    a fried egg sandwich is my fave! i love to make an overnight french toast bake …chills in the fridge overnight

  6. Nancy

    I like eggs just about any way! One of my favorite breakfast ideas is making veggie filled Egg Muffins/ Egg Frittatas. You can refrigerate or freeze the extras for busy mornings.

  7. Mary Beth Elderton

    I eat a boiled egg most days for breakfast. I also love to keep made-ahead breakfast burritos in the freezer…not just for breakfast, also for lunch or snack. I make egg-stuffed biscuits for the freezer with my grand-daughter so that she has an easy after school snack.

  8. Chrissy

    My favorite way to make eggs is in a casserole. I mix in ham, peppers, milk onions or anything else that sounds good at the time. I love making it in advance because then I just warm it up in the morning!

  9. Jayedee Dewitt

    I love to cook but i am sooo not a morning person! I adore all these make ahead breakfast ideas…theyll go a long way toward simplifying my morning routine! Thank you!

  10. Sara Sullivan

    I make this chili rellano casserole – it’s like a spicy, no crust quiche, that my family loves. I can make it ahead and warm it for breakfast. It’s served with warm tortillas and hot sauce.

  11. Charlene Canfield

    My favorite way is to make a egg crust pizza! Oh my gosh, it is so good.

    Low carb pizza

    I know this egg-based crust is going to sound strange, but I urge you to trust me and try this. I’ve tried a whole lot of low-carb pizza crusts over the years, and this is really the best one. No, it isn’t like regular, but it’s really good.

    Based on some of the comments, I’m now realizing that some people are expecting a crisp crust, or a thin crust. This crust is neither crisp nor thin. However, you can make it thinner by using fewer eggs and less cream cheese.
    • 6 eggs
    • 6 oz cream cheese (3/4 package) at room temperature
    • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
    • 1½ teaspoon oregano or other Italian seasoning
    • ½ teaspoon salt
    • pinches of black and/or cayenne pepper
    • 1 cup (or a little more) shredded Italian cheeses, at least half of which is a hard cheese (Parmesan, Assagio)
    Heat the oven to 350° F.
    1) Be sure the cream cheese is at about room temperature. Using a regular blender, food processor, or (my preferred) stick blender, mix the egg and cream cheese until well blended. Add the salt and spices and blend again.
    2) Spread cheese in bottom of well-buttered 9X13 pan. I often use an Italian blend such as Trader Joe’s Quattro Formaggio. Pour egg mixture over the cheese, and bake for 22-25 minutes, or until the top is browning.
    3) Remove from oven, add pizza toppings, and bake until done – about another 10-15 minutes.
    Makes 8 servings.
    Nutritional Information: Each serving has 1.5 grams effective carbohydrate plus 11 grams protein, and 179 calories.

  12. Pamela

    Our favorite way to eat eggs is in breakfast burritos. I also make mini egg casseroles with bacon and cheese in cupcake pans and freeze them for an easy weekday breakfast.

  13. Renee Rousseau

    I definitely need to get the microwave egg cooker for my husband! I want to try the silicone egg poachers (I just can’t master the hot swirling water method!)

  14. Margaret Appel

    My favorite way to make eggs is simply turning them into egg salad. I like to fine chop my boiled eggs, add mayo, a little mustard, a little chopped onion & pickle relish, and let it refrigerate a few hours or overnight to blend the flavors. I can then make an egg salad sandwich, croissant, or bagel for breakfast, egg salad on crackers for a snack or lunch, or add to a big scoop to a tossed salad for dinner.

  15. Margaret Appel

    I left a comment on the Best Egg Cooking Tools post 🙂 I love those silicone egg poacher dishes! There are days that fried eggs simply get too crunchy on the edges & the yolks set up. I like the runnier yolks to dip toast in, so poached eggs would work great!

  16. Lisa Queen

    These are great make ahead ideas. The only way I have ever made them ahead is just to boil them. My granddaughter loves eggs. She likes me make her some scrambled with cheese in them. Thank you!

  17. Melissa C

    My make ahead breakfast is a cheesy tater tot egg casserole I make it ahead of time and in the morning I pop it into the oven! I enjoy my eggs sunny side up

  18. Melissa Craig

    we love breakfast strata and often have it on special occasions as well as sometimes as a dinner

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