Zesty Chicken: Flavorful and Easy Weeknight Meal


If you’re looking for an easy weeknight meal that is full of flavor, Zesty Chicken is it! This meal comes together in no time and could even be done all in one dish.

Your family will love this sweet and flavorful dinner. Zesty Chicken will be a favorite for you as it has been for our family!

Zesty Chicken - Super Flavorful Easy Weeknight Meal - the family will love it!


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Easy Tea Party Food: Cute sandwiches, fancy cakes, and store bought shortcuts

Hosting a tea party birthday is a breeze with these ideas for Easy Tea Party Food. Quick and easy sandwiches to fancy cakes that look anything from store bought. 

We’ve got some tips for easy tea party food, so you can host an adorable tea party those little guests will love!

Easy Tea Party Food for a Fairy Tea Party Birthday - Cute Sandwiches, Fancy Cakes, and Store Bought Shortcuts

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Balsamic Onion Pesto Pizza

Super sweet onions and garlicky pesto make this Balsamic Onion Pesto Pizza a winner! Add chicken, tomatoes and cheese for a meal your family will love!

Not only will you love this flavorful pizza, but you will also love the GIVEAWAY at the end of this post! Be sure to stick around to the end and enter!

Balsamic Onion Pesto Pizza - sweet caramelized onions, flavorful pesto, chicken, tomatoes, and cheese

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Rainbow Yogurt Bites: Frozen Yogurt Bears and Dots


Rainbow Yogurt Bites is such a fun and colorful treat. Kids don’t have to know that parents love to give them this healthy snack!

Easily make these frozen yogurt bears and dots for snacks, treats, or lunches! Kiddos will love the fun colors and how they swirl together. Parents love how easy this healthy snack is!


Rainbow Yogurt Bites - Healthy Snack Kids love with Frozen Yogurt Bears and Dots

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American Girl Store at Mall of America

We LOVED our first trip to the American Girl Store at Mall of America. Our 4-year-old was in awe of all the dolls, accessories, and scenes. We visited the salon for a cleaning, ear piercing, and hairstyle. We also bought way too many things!

If you’re thinking of visiting an American Girl Store – do it! Read on to find out how much fun we had!American Girl Store - Shopping, Salon, Ear Piercing, and so much fun!

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Fall Pumpkin Muffins {Krusteaz Pumpkin Spice GIVEAWAY!}

Dress up your pumpkin spice treats with some fall leaves and homemade chips. These fall pumpkin muffins are adorable with very easy homemade white chocolate chips and cinnamon sugar leaves.

Very easy homemade white chocolate chips and cinnamon sugar leaves make these Fall Pumpkin Muffins from Krusteaz a real show stopper!

Plus, enter the giveaway for your own pumpkin spice goodies from Krusteaz!

Fall Pumpkin Muffins with EASY Cinnamon Sugar Leaves

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Easy Tips to Help Your Family Stay Healthy as the Weather Changes

As winter arrives, we all want to stay healthy. Prevention is key, because nobody has time for a cold! We moms especially want to do all we can to help our family stay healthy as winter approaches. We know if we get a cold life goes on, if the kids get a cold life gets a bit harder, if our husbands get a cold all heck breaks loose! 🙂

Here are some easy tips to help your family stay healthy as the weather changes. 

Easy Tips to help your family Stay Healthy as the weather changes

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Easy Halloween Snack: Cheese Bats with Mini Babybel®

Adorable and easy Halloween snack for kids. These cheese bats take just a minute to make, but they will make the kids light up!

Easy Halloween Snack - Cheese Bats! - with Halloween Mini Babybel Cheese

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Disney Pixar Coco Inspired Sugar Skull Halloween Class Treats


Non-edible class treats with color-changing beaded bracelets and sugar skulls for the kids to color. These Disney’s Coco Inspired Sugar Skull Halloween Class Treats are so fun!

The kids will have a lot of fun and can easily make these simple bracelets. Their friends will love the spooky skulls and the color-changing magic of the bracelets! In the classroom they will be white, on the playground they will turn colorful, and when they come back inside they will glow! So fun!

Disney’s Coco Inspired Sugar Skull Halloween Class Treats are perfect for children with allergies because they are a non-candy Halloween treat.


Disney Pixar Coco Inspired Sugar Skull Halloween Class Treats with color changing bracelets!

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7 Hands-On Experiences to Help Kids Care About the Environment

The best way to help kids care about the environment is to let them experience what it is they are trying to save. Here are 7 Easy Hands-On Experiences to Help Kids Care About the Environment.

If we want future generations to be passionate about taking care of the planet they live on, they need first-hand experiences. Everything from learning about animals to planting a garden.

There are some very easy things we can do to help our children get up close and personal with the planet they live on. This creates teachable moments that will stick for, hopefully, years and generations to come.

7 Hands On Experiences to Help Kids Care About the Environment and Conservation

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