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Exploring Domesticity and Mom Life {How this blog got started and input from you!}

There is always a bit of reflection this time of the year. For us, it’s on Exploring Domesticity and Mom Life in general.

We’re looking back on our 5+ years of Exploring Domesticity. How it started. What was the purpose in the beginning. And what the plan is in the new year ahead.

Whether you’re longtime readers, stumbled across a couple interesting posts on Pinterest, or just checking us out for the first time… We want your input!

What do you want to know? What are you interested in? How can we help?

Exploring Domesticity and Mom Life - How this blog started, and input from you!

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Weight Loss Goals and the Holiday Season

How was your Christmas? Did you stray a bit from a healthy lifestyle with all the holiday goodies? Did you stay strong? Or did you throw everything out the window?

I was a bit worried as I checked in with my trainer last week. I was already struggling, so she and I set a goal of cutting down to 3-4 simple carbs a day. First of all, I didn’t know exactly what that included… Second of all, I didn’t know how that would go over, especially on Christmas Eve.

Simple Carbs

Once I figured out exactly which foods those were, I did my best to make small changes during Christmas to pay attention and make smarter choices while still enjoying my holiday.

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