Weight Loss Goals and the Holiday Season

How was your Christmas? Did you stray a bit from a healthy lifestyle with all the holiday goodies? Did you stay strong? Or did you throw everything out the window?

I was a bit worried as I checked in with my trainer last week. I was already struggling, so she and I set a goal of cutting down to 3-4 simple carbs a day. First of all, I didn’t know exactly what that included… Second of all, I didn’t know how that would go over, especially on Christmas Eve.

Simple Carbs

Once I figured out exactly which foods those were, I did my best to make small changes during Christmas to pay attention and make smarter choices while still enjoying my holiday.


  • Breakfast away from home
  • Lunch at a Chinese buffet
  • Delicious appetizers at the family Christmas
  • Dinner away from home
  • Delicious Christmas goodies, including the impossible to resist Buckeyes

Smart Moves

  • I started out the day smart by prepping some overnight oats and taking them with me to my parent’s house in the morning.

At the buffet

  • Stuck to the veggie and protein-based dishes
  • Limited myself to small amounts of my favorites – lo mein and fried rice
  • Skipped dessert table and dished a small bowl (as opposed to soup bowl) of soft-serve
  • Noticed my two smaller plates filled me just as much as when I go crazy

Family Christmas

  • Positioned myself away from the appetizer table, but definitely indulged a bit in the shrimp and an amazing olive dish
  • Found the healthiest choices at dinner – salmon with steamed cauliflower and broccoli
  • Resisted cookies until the end of the night and had three (yikes!) of my favorites

All-in-all, not so bad as far as I’m concerned!

As for the rest of the holiday, it was wonderful!

I received the best gift ever – a Costco membership and gift card! I can’t wait to go! I have heard amazing thins about their healthy and organic options and I can’t wait to compare my shopping trip to Sam’s Club.

My little guy loved all his ninja turtle toys, and my little lady was a total girly girl – loving her vanity, dolls, and pink Duplos. They had a wonderful holiday and they made mine the best – love them!

Exploring Domesticity Holidays 2014

How was your holiday? Did you stay on track or give yourself a day to indulge? What was it that made your Christmas?

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