DIY Cork Message Boards {super easy IKEA hack}

This IKEA hack is so easy and adorable. Add some flair and organization to any space with these DIY Cork message boards.

The options for personalizing are endless! I added some pink and custom sparkle push pins, but you’ll see how easy it is to make these little message boards and I guarantee your creative juices will start flowing for your own space!

Super Easy DIY Cork Message Board for adorable organization {IKEA hack}

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I just got back from another fantastic trip to IKEA. Two things…

1. I don’t buy too much, but I end up completely inspired and full of ideas.

… and 2. They have the best and cheapest breakfast out there! Seriously, I will go for the breakfast alone. It’s only a dollar! Definitely one of the best things about starting your morning out with an IKEA trip. Super cheap breakfast and the energy to shop for hours.

This morning they also had free coffee or tea, and this little ball of deliciousness with oats, mocha, and coconut for $0.49.

Insider tip: IKEA serves breakfast for $1!!!

Anyway, enough about the breakfast – which makes this frugal lady a bit too giddy – I’m going to show you this super quick and easy IKEA hack! How to make adorable cork message boards with IKEA HEAT trivets.

These three packs of trivets sell for $3.99 at IKEA. I also found a similar 3 pack on Amazon for between $7 and $8 and Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping, which is also totally worth it because you couldn’t buy these cute little message boards for that. I think they’d also be really cute with this multi-size pack.

IKEA hack: cork message boards

DIY Cork Message Boards {super easy IKEA hack}

What you need

  • cork trivets
  • hot glue gun (I used this exact one  and it’s very small and easy to use)
  • ribbon
  • thumb tacks
  • crystals (I used pink and clear to create my custom, pretty tacks)

DIY Cork Message Boards {super easy IKEA hack}

Start out by finding an open space to spread everything out. I actually chose a spot on the floor so I could be near an outlet, but I was sure to put a piece of wood down to make sure the carpet was covered and there was a secure place to put the hot glue gun.

Check out both sides of the trivets and decide what will be your front. I had no difference in the two sides, but you never know. 

Decide how long you would like your ribbon to be for hanging and take in consideration the knot or bow you will be making. After you cut your two pieces of ribbon, make your knot or bow at the top. If you’d like, you can secure it with a drop of hot glue. Place the ribbon at the desired spots on the back of your trivet and secure with hot glue, a thumb tack, or both. I used both to make it very secure.

DIY Cork Message Boards {super easy IKEA hack}

That is literally all there is to making the message board! Just hang it over a nail or hook. I was able to place the knot securely around the nail, completely concealing it inside my knot and hanging it securely.

Next, it’s fun to customize your thumb tacks. Not only does it make them easier to use and grip, but it adds a little pizzazz to your message board. Yep, I said pizzazz. You can use crystal beads as I did, or any number of small items to make it more personal.

Place the thumb tacks into a piece of cardboard or Styrofoam to hold them in place. You could place them on your cork board, but I would suggest placing a piece of paper behind it just in case the hot glue gets a little out of hand. Squeeze a dab of the hot glue on the head of the thumb take and place your bead on top and hold it in place for a few second. Let them dry completely and then take them out. Try them out a few time to make sure they are secure.

DIY Cork Message Boards with custom thumb tacks {super easy IKEA hack}

That’s all there is to it! They’re so cute and easy, and it takes literally minutes to make.

You could do so many thing with these. I love the sweet look of the cork with the pink ribbon and crystal beads, but you could use any color you’d like and any object for your tacks. I also like the idea of painting or gluing paper or fabric over the cork to give it a totally different look. I think these would look really great if you put a piece of lace over one portion and painted through it for a little extra interest.

DIY Cork Message Boards with custom thumb tacks {super easy IKEA hack}

Here they are hanging in my office next to the chalk message board I made. I’ll share that one next!


What do you think? Could you use these little message boards somewhere?

How would you customize them? I’d love to hear it!


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DIY Cork Message Boards with custom thumb tacks {super easy IKEA hack}

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