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$2 DIY Holiday / Christmas Flower Boxes

Combine a little nature with some reindeer from the dollar store, and take-out utensils, and you have some gorgeous and classy Christmas Flower Boxes.

Metallic paint and sparkle make this project perfect for any holiday decor theme.

DIY $2 Christmas Flower Boxes

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Witch Broom Halloween Class Treats

Simple and adorable Halloween treat, and so easy to make! These Witch Broom Halloween Class Treats combine a sweet treat with a Halloween pencil. The best of both worlds and very cute for kids!

Using one of the cheapest candies out there – Dum Dums – and Dollar Tree pencils, this craft is inexpensive and easy enough for kids. Plus, the little Witch Brooms look so great, the kids will love them!

Witch Broom Halloween Class Treats

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Easy and adorable way to give fresh flowers

Keep your flower gifts cute, fresh, contained and mess-free with this easy packaging.

Perfect for teachers, your little performers, or anyone! Give one flower or many and keep them fresh without dealing with the hassle of tipping or spilling vases.

All items can be found at the dollar store, and make your flower gift a breeze for you and the lucky recipient.

Easy and Adorable Way to Give Fresh Flowers

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Couldn’t Be Easier Flip Flop Refash

I have been waiting way too long to jazz up these flip flops.  I picked these up at Target when they had a coupon for $2 off Women’s sandals.  Do you see that price tag?  That means I got them for a whopping 5 cents!!!  
I’m a Teva girl, and didn’t need a new pair of flip flops, so I picked these up for my 9-year-old step-daughter.  I have to say, it is a shame I didn’t get them in my size, because I’d love to wear them now!

I envisioned making some pretty sandals with ribbon and found an adorable ribbon with a pre-made bow and knew I would find the second one somewhere around my house…  Well let’s face it, with 2 under 2 in the house, I’m not finding anything soon!

Yesterday, I ran the kids over to the Dollar Store to pick up some things and found these.

How perfect! They also had a metal twist tie on the back, making them very easy to secure. The only thing that made the project take 3 minutes instead of one was making sure they were twisted tight and the ends were tucked to prevent scratching.

I love how they turned out! The only problem I could foresee is that the delicate butterflies might not hold up too well with a 9-year-old but, for $1.50, we can fix them up again! Couldn’t be easier!