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A Better Diaper Genie Refill update

A Diaper Genie is one thing that seems to be on the registry of all new moms. However, buying refills for 2 – 3 years straight is SO expensive! Did you know you can refill them with regular garbage bags? You can with this better Diaper Genie Refill!
Save Money with this Better Diaper Genie Refill Hack

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Pee-you!!! *update*

We’ve been using these bags for about a month now and LOVE THEM! They smell better, they hold more, and not to mention the cost!

I had to update because I finally figured out the best way to insert them. This will be a bit difficult to explain without pictures, but there were a few diapers already in it and I couldn’t remove it to show the process. Ask if it is unclear!

  • Insert the bag down into the hole of the cartridge
  • See the two red ties to the right and left?  Bring those over the top of the holes, circle under and pull the UP through the holes.
  • Now you can pull tight, making sure everything tightens under the top ridge
Now it will stay nice and smooth and look a bit neater.  It worked fine before, but this is a lot easier than feeding multiple parts of the bag through the holes.
(I may update my update later to show clearer step-by-step pictures)

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Isn’t is strange how you can say something all your life and when you go to write it you have to do a double take and think, “how on earth would you write that? That doesn’t look right!”

Well, “pee-you” is that “word.”  Does it qualify?  Oh well…

Yesterday we finished off our last Diaper Genie refill and, of course, my husband never warned me we were on our last pack.  So, I was left,with the dreaded job of forking out a substantial amount of cash for something that holds poo… Great…

I can’t believe what they charge for these things!

I could have picked up the three pack for almost $17, but I thought about something I had seen on Pinterest.  Use a Glad Forceflex bag instead?  Worth a shot!

I paid almost $12 for 68 bags.  This will get me a lot more for my money, and the bonus is the Febreeze odor prevention.  Ok, if you’ve ever opened a ripe Diaper Genie, you know that this won’t likely work miracles but any little bit helps. I can say that there were a couple dirty diapers inside while I was snapping pictures and I couldn’t smell anything! 🙂

I didn’t know while I was at the store that the medium-sized bags were recommended. I got the tall bags. Hopefully they’ll take a few more diapers. They definitely don’t seem too long, but they’re supposed to stretch, I guess…

I used the old Diaper Genie refill – never mind that I had to fish it out from beneath some diapers that I had just sent out to the trash… I washed it! I first pulled the ties through opposite holes and then pulled two more areas so that it was held up by four points. I then tucked the bag in nice and neat and I was done!

We’ve thrown a couple diapers in and I’m happy to say that it looks like it’s going to hold up great. Seems like a tight fit and we won’t have any problems with it falling in with a diaper. So far I’m pleased!