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A Better Diaper Genie Refill update

A Diaper Genie is one thing that seems to be on the registry of all new moms. However, buying refills for 2 – 3 years straight is SO expensive! Did you know you can refill them with regular garbage bags? You can with this better Diaper Genie Refill!
Save Money with this Better Diaper Genie Refill Hack

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Hollow core doors: budget building material

Let’s face it, lumber can be expensive. So what do you use for all those projects you’re dying to tackle?

In our house we turned to inexpensive hollow core doors for many of our projects. Not only is it less expensive – you can even find some with obvious flaws that will be cut out for even a fraction of the price – but they are light and easy to work with.

Here is a highlight of many of our projects that have been made from doors.

Shelves to store our overflowing movie collection. We had a bit of dead space between the fireplace and the wall and these shelves made from hollow core doors were the perfect solution.

Kitchen table from a hollow core door! A 1/4 inch piece of plywood was added to the top and veneer applied to the edge.

We had some Ikea table legs sitting around so those were attached to the table top and anchored into 2x4s.

Changing table. The base and drawers are made from hollow core doors with the top rails made from 2x4s.

This actually began it’s life as a desk. The drawers were on the right side and the open door was on the left to hold the computer tower. Now it holds baby blankets and diapers!

The top and sides of this dresser are made from doors. The gaps at the top of the drawers are intentional to minimize pinching little fingers.

This is one of my favorites! This room divider with desk and storage is made completely out of hollow core doors! This holds a special place in my heart because it was a surprise room transformation for a very pregnant Momma wondering how her little ones could share a room. Behind this divider is a “Big Boy Bed.”

There are shelves to store books and toys and plenty of room on the top for displaying pictures of those adorable kids.

The middle is a little desk for playing, and to the left are hooks for jackets and hats.

These are all the projects I have pictures of but I believe there are more. We have an entire rustic wood basement made out of pine boards that is amazing!

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