Johnny Cash Relay Couples Shower Game

There is nothing more fun than an active game for a couples shower. With a Johnny and June theme, this Johnny Cash Relay Couples Shower Game was a hit!

Who can resist a love story like Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash? Love songs, love letters, and the chance to decorate in both rustic and glam. As a couples wedding shower theme, it’s a winner!

Johnny Cash songs are perfect for fun relay game. Drawing on classic songs and lyrics such as “hotter than a pepper sprout,” “Ring of Fire,” and “shot a man in Reno,” this Johnny Cash relay couples shower game is so much fun!Johnny Cash Relay Couples Shower Game for Johnny and June themed Wedding Shower


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Our family has thrown couples shower for every wedding. We don’t really do traditional games either. For the majority of our couples showers, we added a themed component to a game of flip cup.

At our last couples shower, we had a great time with an I Do BBQ theme and a Tie the Knot Relay. There is something so fun about a relay, so we decided to do another this year.

Johnny and June Couples Wedding Shower

You’ve seen one of the decorations / gifts for the bride and groom from our Johnny and June themed wedding shower. I’ll be sharing some of our other rustic glam decorations and party ideas soon.

However, the major star of the wedding shower was too great and needed a post of it’s own. This Johnny Cash Relay Couples Shower Game is perfect for any rustic, country, or Johnny and June wedding shower. Couples games can be hard to find and this one is a winner!

Johnny Cash Relay - Fun Couples Shower Game!

Johnny Cash Relay Couples Shower Game

If you have any knowledge of Johnny Cash songs, this Johnny Cash relay is very fun! You’ll recognize the songs and find it very clever.

Even if your Johnny Cash familiarity ends at Ring of Fire, you’ll also have a good time. We have made it a tradition to include an active game at our couples showers. At our last shower we ran a Tie the Knot Relay that was also a lot of fun.

So, how does this Johnny Cash Relay work?

Depending on the number of supplies you set out at each station, you can run as many teams as you’d like. Each team will have 5 team members – one for each station.


We had 3 teams, so everything is set up for 3 teams of 5. If you need to have more teams to accommodate more guests, think of the amounts of 3 as one per team.

  • 3 Cowboy hats – this pack of 12 party hats is a pretty good price. More authentic to Johnny Cash, this black cowboy hat is a decent price for ordering three.
  • 3 2x4sYou can get creative and use anything that allows them to “Walk the Line”
  • 3 toy horses this stick horse is the best price and rating I can find on Amazon.
  • 1 Jalepeno pepper – In the interest of not being too crazy, you can make small slices of 1 jalepeno for the “Hotter than a Pepper Sprout.”
  • 3 nerf guns and plenty of ammo – These small nerf guns come in a set and will work great.
  • 1 “Man in Reno” – Make your own or get something like this and you can also use it for fun photos!
  • 3-4 Easy kids puzzles
  • 3 hula hoops
  • 1 large table


Johnny Cash Relay

To setup the Relay, place the 3 2x4s in front of where the 3 teams will line up.  Place a large table about 2-3 yards beyond the 2x4s in the center.

To the left of the table. place a station for the stick horses. To the right of the table, place 3 hula hoops. Behind the table. place your Man in Reno.

Set your remaining materials on the table. To the left, place the jalepeno slices. In the center, place your 3 nerf guns and extra ammo. To the right of the table place your 3-4 puzzles with pieces mixed up.

Walk the Line

Place a 2×4, or even just a masking tape line, in front of each team. This is where they will “Walk the Line.”

The first team member will have the cowboy hat on their head and will Walk the Line to the first activity. Once they have finished they will Walk the Line back and hand off their hat to the next player.

Each player walks the line before and after their turn.

You can use 2x4s as we did or even mark off some lines with masking tape.

Ghost Riders in the Sky

The first station to set up is the Ghost Riders in the Sky. Place 3 stick horses off to the left in a pile.

Players will Walk the Line and grab a horse. They will then ride around the table in the center and put the horse back in the same spot. They will then walk the line and pass the cowboy hat to the next player.

This stick horse is the best price and rating I can find on Amazon. We happened to have these wooden horse heads on hand and my dad dressed them up and put them on broom handles, so you could definitely make your own.

Hotter than a Pepper Sprout

Johnny Cash and June Carter cash sang the song Jackson together often. This station comes from the lyric, “We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout.”

The players will Walk the Line and approach the table with your version of “Hotter than a Pepper Sprout.” In our game, they ate a slice that was 1/6 of a jalepeno. They will Walk the Line and pass the hat to the next player.

There are a variety of ways you could do this station. Anything from small jalepeno slices, spicy foods, whole jalepenos, or even a shot of Fireball Whiskey or Hot Pepper shot in this shot glass.

It depends on how adventurous your group is. I sliced one pepper into six and made stuffed jalapenos with this recipe, to give them a choice. I was worried about this station, but it was a piece of cake and one of the guys actually ate a few of the slices before returning to the line.

Johnny Cash Relay Couples Shower Game table

Shot a Man in Reno

For this station, position a “Man in Reno” behind the table and 3 nerf guns and extra ammo on the table in the center.

The players will walk the line to the table, load their guns, and take a shot at the Man in Reno. Once they make a hit, they will walk the line back and trade off their cowboy hat to the next person.

My dad is insanely talented, so he made a cardboard cowboy – complete with a Reno shirt – for our party. We were considering using our song giant Spiderman cardboard cutout, but he wouldn’t give it up. Something like this cowboy would also be great because your guests could use it for photos as well.

Most parents will have nerf guns and ammo lying around like we did, so ask around and you’ll likely be able to collect enough. The more the better, because shooting the man in Reno was a huge hit when the game was finished!

These small nerf guns come in a set and will work great. We also had out extra ammo, and it was a hit after the game. This party pack is very inexpensive, but will likely be for one-time use.

One Piece at a Time

In the song, “One Piece at a Time” Johnny sings about sneaking car parts home in his lunch box one piece at a time.

The players will walk the line to the right side of the table. They will find one car puzzle and start putting it together from the pieces mixed on the table. Once finished, they will walk the line back and pass the cowboy hat to the next player.

We used small, 6-piece car puzzles from the Dollar Tree. Keeping the puzzles simple keeps the game moving. Even with the simple puzzles, this station took the most time because they had to find the pieces that were mixed together and get them to fit in cheap, Dollar Tree boards.

This station would also work great with Legos and an easy Lego car to build.

Johnny Cash Relay Couples Shower Game - Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

To the right of the table place 3 hula hoops with plenty of room all the way around.

If you’d like, decorate the hula hoops to look like fire. We simply cut a red table cloth and taped it around the hula hoop. Streamers, this flame banner, or flame tape would work great.

The players Walk the Line and grab a hula hoop. They must keep it off the ground for the count of five. The team can help count. Once complete, they will Walk the Line back to their team.

The team who crosses the finish line first is the winner!

Other ideas for more stations

  • Folsom Prison – Create a photo prop of prison bars and place padlocks on the bars. Place random keys on 3 keyrings and the players have to unlock one of the locks
  • A Boy Named Sue – Using Hello My Name Is name tags and alphabet stickers, make a name tag for a boy named Sue and put it on
  • Man in Black – Create a station with a thrifted black suit and cowboy boots. The player must put on the pants, coat, and boots and wear it back.



We had so much fun with this Johnny Cash Relay Couples Shower Game. It was fun to come up with ideas based on Johnny Cash songs, and it was way more fun to watch!

What are your favorite shower games?

For more couples shower ideas and another very fun Tie the Knot Relay, check out our I Do BBQ couples wedding shower.

Johnny Cash Relay Couples Shower Game for Johnny and June Wedding Shower

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