Spooky Skull Wreath {Dollar Store Decorations}

I meant to put out a fall wreath, I really did… But the Halloween decorations are out and I couldn’t resist!

I got everything for this wreath at the Dollar Store. I started with two bunches of black roses and spiders, spooky cloth, and one light-up glitter skull. Before I was finished, I went back for two more skulls, some ribbon, and a sign. If you’re counting, that is $8 for this fun and spooky wreath.

I wrapped the wreath in the spooky cloth.

I separated all the flowers and spiders, cut into long enough pieces to attach them to the wreath. I used some wire to attach the skulls – they were a little top-heavy and I needed to turn them on and off, so I also is a little duct tape.

Welcome to the nighttime pictures – I apologize for the terrible quality…

I love these skulls! They eyes flash a bunch of colors and they look great!

I tried to place them on our front door, but found out the skulls were too big to fit between the doors.

Plan B: put them on another door with a pre-existing hook! Oh, and add that sign!

14 thoughts on “Spooky Skull Wreath {Dollar Store Decorations}

  1. Desiree' - Finding the Skinny Geek Within

    Cute wreath! Gosh I wish I was creative LOL! I just love the fall and all the Halloween decorations!

  2. April Hoff

    Eeek! So spooky!! Thanks for linking up to the “Get Your DIY On” Link up party! Be sure to come back Sunday at 7:00 PM if you have any more spooky outdoor décor!

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