Use Your Planner – The BEST Way to Stay Organized

There is only one way a planner help keep you organized. You have to actually Use Your Planner!

With these realistic tips, make your planner something you will actually use.

There are many articles out there for organizing your planner, making it pretty, having all the right tools, etc… But here is the BEST way to make sure you actually Use Your Planner!

Tips to Make Sure You Use Your Planner - The BEST Way to Stay Organized

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Rock 2018 by making sure you will actually USE Your Planner with these tips

What is the number one way to make sure to use your planner???

Keep. It. Simple.

It’s easy to dream of a gorgeous planner full of different colors, symbols, washi tape, banners, etc.

However, if you don’t have the time to get as creative as you’d like… Or, if you just can’t keep up with keeping a “perfect” planner… It’s not going to work. The key is to use your planner.

Sure, I pin bullet journal posts on Pinterest – I may even have a whole board. I like them on Instagram. I share the videos on Facebook, too.

I’ve come to realize, that as much as I love them and love to use different colors and doodle, I’m not likely to stick with something that requires so much work.

If you don’t use your planner because you need the right pens, layouts, tape or stickers, it’s not really doing you any good.

For me, the BEST way to stay organized with my planner is to keep it simple.

Make sure you will use your planner by making simple To-Do lists

Use Your Planner

What good is a gorgeous planner if you’re not going to use it?

Find something simple, that inspires you, and make it work for you.

I basically go with a to-do list approach.

No matter what planner I’m using, I fill each day with a list of things I would like to accomplish.

Depending on the day, there may be different colors, I may identify the top priorities, or I may have one or two big appointments scheduled.

No matter what is going on, it works because it’s simple.

By not committing yourself to something that takes a lot of preparation and planning, you are more likely to actually use your planner.

Tips to make sure you Use Your Planner - special touches

Find Something that Speaks to You

You’ve heard me talk before about the importance of gratitude. It’s important to me to remember to be grateful for all the things I have and think about them often.

This is the reason I love my 2018 planner so much.

Not only does my current planner have a many spaces for leaving notes of gratitude each week, it also includes a different motivational quote each week.

This keeps me inspired each week to write in the planner and get a bit of inspiration along the way. It also encourages me to count my blessings each and every week.

If you really want to use your planner each day, find something about the planner you choose that keeps you coming back each day or week.

If motivational quotes do it for you – like they do for me – find a planner that gives you that boost each week. You will be much more likely to use your planner if it speaks to you.

Use Your Planner by finding something that speaks to you and makes you want to open it

Keep Trying Until it Sticks

If you find that you’re trying to implement something that just doesn’t work for you…

Change it!

This is how I ended up with each day filled with To-Do lists. It’s what works for me.

Through trial-and-error, keep going until you find something that helps. You want to find the system that keeps those ideas and priorities at the front of your mind, but doesn’t cause extra stress.

The only good planner is one you’ll actually use.

Tips to Use Your Planner this year

Get this Pretty Planner

The planner I have this year in all these photos is from Abrie James.

It’s a great-quality, spiral-bound (which is a must for me) book. It has a very clean look and lots of space because of it’s 8.5×11 inch size. You get a full 2 pages for the monthly calendars and each week.

My favorite parts are the gratitude reminders and the weekly quotes. Plus, it’s so pretty and clean!

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Pin it for later!

The BEST Way to Stay Organized - Tips to Make sure you Use Your Planner

Do you have a planner method you can stick to? Let’s hear it!


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