Easy Tea Party Food: Cute sandwiches, fancy cakes, and store bought shortcuts

Hosting a tea party birthday is a breeze with these ideas for Easy Tea Party Food. Quick and easy sandwiches to fancy cakes that look anything from store bought. 

We’ve got some tips for easy tea party food, so you can host an adorable tea party those little guests will love!

Easy Tea Party Food for a Fairy Tea Party Birthday - Cute Sandwiches, Fancy Cakes, and Store Bought Shortcuts

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Our Little Lady turned 5 recently. Over the weekend we had a Fairy Tea Party for her and three of her friends.

It was adorable!

Cute decor, fun goodies, and activities for the Little Ladies are all important. However, nothing is quite as important as the food. 

Here are some tips for easy tea party food. Quick and cute sandwiches. Easy, colorful platters of fruits and veggies. And fancy little cakes using store bought shortcuts.

Fairy Tea Party Birthday - Adorable and Easy Tea Party Food

Easy Tea Party Food

The key to throwing a tea party birthday is not to drive yourself crazy. The Birthday Girl and her friends will love anything you put together.

I must have pinned a million ideas, and even created a Tea Party Birthday Pinterest board. However, as the day approached, I realized I had to scale back.

Basically, decide how much you can handle and how many shortcuts you can take.

The easier you can make it on yourself the better. I recommend some easy sandwiches, fruit and veggie trays because they are colorful and easy, and some adorable sweet treats. When you can, find a way to take some help. I have a great tip for this with the cakes!

Easy Tea Party Food - Sandwiches, fruits and veggies, and fancy cakes

Quick and Cute Sandwiches

Little tea sandwiches are a staple at any tea party. They are also perfect for kids parties because picky eaters will usually give one a try and the kids can try more than one.

It’s very easy to do ham and turkey sandwiches, cut into small triangles. However, at a kids’ party, peanut butter and jelly is the way to go.

They went in a flash at our fairy tea party.

The little ladies will love these flower peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! They will also love the tiny fairy sandwiches!


Easy Tea Party Food - Cute and Easy Sandwiches - flowers and tiny fairy sandwiches

With a flower cookie cutter, cut out the center of your slices of bread. Save the crusts for later. Spread jelly one one flower. On the other, use a small circle cutter or a cap off a bottle to cut out the center. Spread peanut butter on that piece of bread and press the sandwich together.

The jelly showing through the center looks so cute!


With those little holes from the center, and the other scraps of bread, cut out as many small holes as you can. These will be your fairy sandwiches!

To keep it easy, use just a tiny bit of jelly OR peanut butter to make your tiny fairy sandwiches. Trying to make each a PB&J will drive you nuts. Plus, if you have very picky eaters, the may like one without the other.

The girls at our fairy tea party ate these fairy sandwiches the fastest.

Fairy Tea Party Birthday - Easy Tea Party Food



Colorful Platters of Fruits and Veggies

This is the easiest one.

I never throw a party without a fruit or veggie platter. You can’t beat the color they add to a table. Also, they are the easiest thing for people to snack on.

No one can feel bad about munching on some fruit. Also, eating that pepper slice totally cancels out the bacon and brown sugar on a cracker. That’s a thing… my parents brought them and they went like crazy!

Our favorite platters for fruit and veggies come right from the Dollar Tree. As far as I’m concerned, you just can’t beat white serving dishes. We have two of these in white and use one for fruit and one for veggies.

Try to get colorful with the variety and spread them out. For the veggie tray, the center is perfect for ranch or dill dip. On the fruit tray, we either fill the center with more fruit or colorful toothpicks. With the little fairy tea party, we used the toothpicks so we wouldn’t need forks for the girls.

Easy Tea Party Treats - Using store bought bakery items for cute little cakes that look homemade

Fancy Cakes with Store Bought Shortcuts

This is my favorite part. Making something store bought – and on clearance, even – look like you spent a lot of time and made it yourself.

This isn’t my first time pulling this stunt. I created a box of small “fancy” desserts for my mom after she got shafted on the leftover desserts from a party. There were two to-go boxes of amazing desserts and she gave my husband one. Turns out her box was a dud without one piece of chocolate. So, I made her some.

The key is to see what you can get help with and take the shortcut. Then, make it your own.

I’ve mentioned before how much I LOVE to check the Walmart bakery markdowns when birthdays come up. This is why. Those cupcakes cost us $4 because I checked in the morning and they were marked down.

Easy Tea Party Food - Cakes with Store Bought Help

You can also find marked down coffee cakes or cream cakes and snag them for just a couple bucks. I went twice during the week and came up with lemon, chocolate vanilla swirl, and rainbow vanilla creme cake. In the freezer they went until I was ready.

Since the cake is already sliced, it is very easy to make them into adorable little cakes for a tea party.

Cut off the edges and the top, and cut them into small squares. Decorate with some store bought frosting or sprinkles. You can use food coloring to color the frosting. Frost the center or the whole cake. Decorate with sprinkles and you have adorable little cakes in no time.

They look like a lot of work, but they take less time than the sandwiches!

Easy Tea Party Food - what to serve for a fancy tea party and what shortcuts to take

Presentation of your Easy Tea Party Food

Even if you’re going for easy tea party food to save sanity, presentation really is the key. Everything looks fancier when you take the time to think about how it is displayed.

We love white serving dishes for a clean look and to showcase the food.

Adding different heights is also one of the biggest tips for an impressive food display. In expensive candle sticks or vases work great. If you’re going for a more rustic or woodsy look, recycle old cans to lift plates and add height.

This serving tray would have been great for the cakes. It’s the best of both worlds. It gives you the white plates with the 3 tiers for added height.

Once the food is in place, you can also add fairy lights, flowers, tulle, etc. We made these cute little fairy jars with small led lights, mason jars, and circle cut out of a paper napkin. The flower fairy lights also added a bit of whimsy to it all.

Easy Tea Party Food Ideas - Sandwiches, fruit and veggies, and easy cakes



Do you have a little one who would love a tea party?

What types of food will you serve?


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Easy Tea Party Food - Cute Sandwiches, Fancy Cakes, & Store Bought Shortcuts

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