Ghost Pops: cute Halloween craft with plastic grocery bags

I love a project that is cute, easy, and uses up the millions of plastic bags laying around the house.

These simple little ghosts are something I used to make with tissues or fabric on more than a few Halloweens. This time, we’re jazzing up Dum-Dums with white plastic bags.

Happy Halloween!

Ghost Pops: add a little flair for Halloween and reuse all those plastic bags

Dum-Dums have always been on of our favorite. If the kiddos are going to get a special treat, these little suckers are the way to drag that out. They can also be kept around without melting and are small enough for a small treat that won’t spoil their appetite. I’m definitely guilty of bribery in public with these things…

I like this time of year because you can get a bag of 500 at Sams Club to last you Halloween night for the neighbor kids and the rest of the year for your own!

Ghost Pops: cute Halloween treat reusing plastic bags

It’s so simple, I’m sure you don’t even have to hear how I do it, but here are a few tips.

  • Cut the handles, bottom, and any part with writing off the plastic bag
  • Cut into strips, and then cut those in half and use two sheets to make it fuller and less transparent
  • I used the super small rubber bands I use in my 2yo’s hair because you just have to slip them over the top and they stay and are easily removed. You can get a huge pack at the dollar store.
  • Draw a face with a sharpie, add google eyes, or just leave it be – it’s up to you

Ghost Pops: cute Halloween treat reusing plastic bags

So cute and easy!

We’re adding them to our treat bags for the preschool Halloween party, along with stickers and glow-in-the-dark bugs, worms, and bats.


Are you doing any fun projects this Halloween?

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