Martial Arts Gift Guide {for young children}

It’s always great to support your little ones when they show an interest in an activity. Christmas is also a fantastic time to get them items they can use, or to find something that will be a cherished memory each year. This martial arts gift guide will spark some ideas for your young martial artist.

Martial Arts Gift Guide (for young children)

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A couple weeks ago, I shared some of my favorite Active Gifts for Healthy Kids. As I mentioned, our little ones are getting into new activities, and I love to encourage them with Christmas gifts that support their interests.

Our little guy has been in the Super Kids class for martial arts. — I would love for some of you to weigh-in on a little issue we’re having at the end, and give me some advice! — We’re just getting into it, and he doesn’t need much yet. However, I’ve rounded up a few martial arts gift guide ideas for very young martial artists, as well as picked the brain of momma who has a whole family of “Brazilian Jui Jitsu Geeks.”

Active Gifts for Healthy Kids: Martial Arts

Belt Display

One of the great things about martial arts is the visual reminder of how far each person has come and how much they have learned.

My favorite idea, especially if my kiddo were further along and I knew if he was going to stick with it, is a display for his belts as he advances.

There are so many different ways to display the belts, and it would probably be a relatively simple DIY project. I also like this Martial Arts Belt Holder I found on Amazon.

Martial Arts Gift Guide: Belt Display



The uniform generally comes included when they start, or you can purchase it extra through the school. However, purchasing one of these Martial Arts Karate Uniform with Belt would be a fun way to surprise your little one with lessons. Or, maybe they’ve just outgrown their uniform and need a new one or one for practice as home.

Although, the Super Kids class is a little slow moving and the kiddos’ are not working up a sweat just yet, moisture wicking under shirts are great for under the uniform. They are more comfortable against the skin and breath better and whisk away sweat for the more advanced martial artists.

Martial Arts Gift Guide: Uniform

Christmas Ornament

As I mentioned, we have a little ballerina and martial artist this year. Let me tell you, the ballet stuff is so much easier to find. I thought I would pick up little ornaments as memories of when they started, but I found over a dozen ballet ornaments and zero martial arts ornaments.

I’ve had more luck searching martial arts ornaments on Amazon, but many are black belts and I was to commemorate where he is at right now. So, with a little brain storming, I’ve decided to make my own. I’m thinking a shoe string and some starch…

Martial Arts Gift Guide: ornament


If you’re going to be creating a space for your kiddo to practice, a good set of mats will define the area and keep them safer on hard surfaces. I was looking at this listing for tumbling mats in so many colors, thicknesses, and sizes. This could double for our new ballerina’s tumbling mat as well.

Martial Arts Gift Guide: mats

I don’t know if it’s in Santa’s budget this year, but my kiddo has been asking for a bag so he could practice kicking like in class. The Kid Kick Wavemaster looks like it would be perfect for a kiddo starting out.

Martial Arts Gift Guide: equipment

The Martial Arts Kickboxing Trainer may look a little more like a bobo doll, but it’s definitely a more doable price and has lights and a counter which puts it light-years past the little blow-up boppers you can get from the dollar store. Although, don’t get me wrong, our little guy spent hours with that cheap one until it sprung a leak! I say, go for whichever one fits your budget, the kiddos will love them.

Martial Arts Gift Guide: kickboxing trainer

Other Ideas

As I mentioned, our little guy is just getting started so I reached out to another mom I know for more ideas. Her whole family, including herself, are into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is what she suggested:

BJJ is a lot like wrestling and it really only requires a gi (which is the name for the uniform – I didn’t even know!) and mouth guard. A rash guard is also good to protect your skin and a cup for men/older boys. Other miscellaneous items are athletic tape, ice packs, and grip strengtheners.

Sounds a little hard-core! I don’t know if this Momma is ready for that!

Martial Arts Gift Guide: Belt Display

Sticking with it

I mentioned earlier that I need a little parenting advice. ..

It’s funny, I’ve had this martial arts gift guide planned for almost a month – back when i was searching for a karate or martial arts ornament at Hobby Lobby…

In the meantime, my little guy decided he’s not sure if he wants to keep doing martial arts. As a parent, I’m torn…

At this age, it’s just fine to try new things, but should I let him quit so early on? He’s already learned a lot, but he hasn’t had enough time to progress to the next belt.

I don’t know!

It’s not cheap by any means, but I do want to teach him to stick with things. What do you think? At five years old, should I let him experience other things or encourage him to stick with it and teach perseverance?

Martial Arts Gift Guide for young children

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