Gifts for Creativity: Even more gifts to inspire creativity

Play is powerful for learning. With gifts for creativity we give kids the opportunity to learn while having fun. These gifts will inspire creativity in kids so they are learning while having fun!

So much better than giving gifts of toys that will get played with once and set aside, gifts that inspire creativity create more opportunities for play. The gift themselves have endless possibilities for play and learning.

Gifts for Creativity - even more gifts to inspire creativity

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Gifts for Creativity

By now you know our stance on promoting creativity and learning through play. We’ve written enough about the Power of Play, what we’ve learned from the Children’s Museum of Minnesota, and how parents can help promote play for learning.

We’ve also talked about our favorite gifts to inspire creativity before. Another year, another rounds of creative gifts. Here are even more ideas for gifts for creativity.

Gifts for Creativity - building block tape

Building Block Tape

Have you seen this around? I have been planning to get this for the kids for a while.

In our last round of gifts to inspire creativity, we talked about our love for Legos. This is such a fun extension of that.

This tape fits standard building blocks, or Legos, and it can go anywhere. You can stick it to the wall, under tables, etc. It can also curve, make a ramp, or do whatever those creative kids can think of.


We got this set to review, and it’s a little different than the one’s I’ve seen in stores. This tape is two prongs wide and just over 3 feet long. There is a point where the tape connects two seams, but they are stuck together, so it’s still all one piece.

I love the bright colors of these tapes. They look so fun. I also love that they can be re-positioned and the tape isn’t a one-time thing.

I can’t wait to see what the kids make with it and where their creativity takes them.

Gifts for Creativity - 3D pen

3D Printing Pen

We have had so much fun since getting this pen. We have no idea what we’re doing, but the kids love it.

These are the ultimate look-really-cool-but-don’t-cost-a-ton toy. The kids think this is something out of the space-age.

It’s also really easy to use. Beyond our lack of skill controlling it and creating something brilliant.


We basically make blobs of colors. However, the kids always seem to find something in the shapes we make. I made a blob with two colors and a point at the top, and they have been calling it a cake.

I love that!

Gifts for Creativity - clay


Art supplies are the ultimate gifts for creativity. We have found that little packs of clay keep our kiddos busy much longer than most toys.

Clay is so much better than PlayDoh, in my opinion. We have had this set from the Dollar Tree, of all places, for so long and it has been great. The clay stays pliable and doesn’t dry out like PlayDoh. Our Little Lady even made a cute little sculpture, and hoped it would harden but it never did.

Play for hours, and it hold up well without a huge mess. That makes for a pretty great toy.

Gifts for Creativity - paint and art supplies

Art Supplies

My daughter would paint everyday if she could. This is one idea for gifts for creativity that I kind of can’t stand, but you really can’t beat.

I don’t let my kiddos paint often because… the mess. However, they are getting older now and they can keep it together and, for the most part, clean up after themselves.

We recently made some fun poured paint ornaments. It wasn’t too messy, so I’m trying to brainstorm ways to apply the same technique when the holidays are over.

Art supplies are such an easy way to allow kids to explore their creativity. There are much cleaner supplies to give them than paint. My kiddos prefer to use this pen set over crayons or markers. They also just love our big stack of construction paper.

With some scissors, glue, and stickers, there is enough to keep them busy and creative for a long time!

Spirograph - gifts for creativity


Who had a spirograph when they were younger?

My daughter got a Spirograph for her birthday last year, and it brings back so many memories. Sure, there may not be as many opportunties for open-ended play with this item, but I couldn’t resist throwing it in.

When she got a Spirograph for her birthday, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before. I used to love mine!

This made our list of gifts for creativity because it does involve some creative thinking. Maybe not when kids are young, but when they’re older they try different shapes and different holes to come up with that perfect design. There’s a bit of problem solving in there!

Gifts for Creativity - robotics and circuit toys

Robotics and circuits building toys

We have learned a lot about playing with learning in mind from the Minnesota Children’s Museum. While creating this post, I realized I could do an entire post about toys inspired by our children’s museum.

In the art studio, they give kids the opportunity to create circuits and connect batteries to lights and motors.

What a fun thing for kids! It’s exciting to them that they can create things found in the real world. It really takes it beyond a toy. The real-world application makes them feel like they are doing something really special, and it feels like a big accomplishment to get those items to work.

The problem solving involved and the real-life application makes these toys something special.

Toys like this are becoming more popular. I was able to find a few such as Snap Circuit Sets and a whole list of robotic toys. I was able to find some Laser Peg sets for our Little Guy at TJMaxx recently. I got him this set and this set, I believe.

 Gifts for Creativity - Cookbooks and kitchen tools for kids

Cookbook or Kitchen Tools

Another one of our gifts for creativity with real-world applications are gifts that are kitchen-related.

Kiddos love to help out in the kitchen!

When I saw this cookbook, I knew my kids would love it. There are quite a few cookbooks for kids out there, so this gift will be easy to find and easy to give.

I also love the idea of getting kiddos their own tools for the kitchen. I especially love this Curious Chef 30-piece chef caddy and this Junior Chef 35-piece set.

Other Gifts for Creativity

This is our second list of gifts to inspire creativity. We love hearing what your kiddos love too. You can never have too many ideas for gifts that help children play in a way that promotes learning and valuable core skills for life.

Tell us some of your favorite gifts for creativity!


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Gifts for Creativity

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