How to Make a Month of Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches {and Burritos}

My husband is a creature of habit. Each day, he warms up a frozen breakfast sandwich before heading off to work. We started out buying Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches and scaled back to Great Value Breakfast Sandwiches to save a bit of money, but I was buying these things all the time! I decided I could save money and a few trips to the store by making our own homemade frozen breakfast sandwiches to freeze and reheat.

I now spend some time one day to make enough frozen breakfast sandwiches and burritos to last more than a month!

Easy make-ahead frozen breakfast

This post contains affiliate links to products we use for making Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches and burritos, and items we have been asked about time and again. We hope you find them helpful!

I love being able to decide what goes into our frozen breakfast sandwiches each month, and being able to use up some other food from our fridge.  Following fajitas, I’ve cut up the peppers and added them to the eggs.  I’ve also used small chopped pieces of leftover asparagus, or leftover salsa.  It’s kind of fun!

I do our frozen breakfast sandwiches assembly-line style and it goes pretty fast.  In just over an hour, I can whip up enough breakfast for the entire month!

Each time I make them a little different, so I will show you what I used this time and share some of the many frozen breakfast sandwiches variations at the end, along with answers to Frequently Asked Questions!

Ready to learn how easy it is to make your own Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches!?!

Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches for a month

I used: bagel thins, 2 large or 4 small cartons of liquid eggs or egg substitute (I use this to save time cracking the eggs), pre-cooked sausage patties, cheese slices, green onions, sriracha or chili paste – love this stuff!! -, salt and pepper.

Individual foil sheets are key for me! (you can find them here) They are quick and easy, they wrap perfectly, and, even though they have to be removed to microwave, it gives my husband something sturdier to hold when eating in the car.

I have the most amazing sheet pan! I don’t even have to spray before cooking the eggs – amazing! I would recommend spraying with any other pan. (I can’t rave enough about these pans, we use them for everything!)

Frozen Green Onions for Breakfast Sandwiches

I pour the eggs into the pan and season with salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper – because my husband likes a lot of spice – and then pull my Parmesan cheese container full of chopped green onions out of the freezer.  One of my favorite tips!  Depending on how it all spread out, sometimes I give the eggs a little stir with a rubber whisk.

I pop them right in the oven (often without being fully pre-heated) at 350 degrees.  I keep an eye on them after about 15 minutes and I can tell they’re done when the egg is firm with large bubbles and pulls away from the sides of the pan.

Frozen Breakfast Sandwich cutouts

I take them out, use my cup to cut as many circles and I can fit (generally about 15) and let them cool for about 10 minutes before assembling my sandwiches.

Important tip:

If you assemble your frozen breakfast sandwiches with hot eggs, there can be a lot of moisture to the reheated eggs and it is not pleasant!

Frozen breakfast sandwich assembly

While the eggs cool, I start filling my table with Foil Sheets and layout buns and sausages and squirt some sriracha on each.

When they eggs have cooled, I place them on top of the sausage and add 1/4 of a cheese slice to the top.  The reason for adding such a small piece of cheese is that it melts so well while reheating and a little goes a long way – the larger pieces just ended with a big mess!

I fold them individually in their foil sheet and start on the frozen breakfast burritos.

frozen breakfast buritos

I lay out the foils and tortillas in the same way, but I use 1/2 a sausage patty, egg pieces from around the cutouts, 1/4 slice of cheese, and sriracha.  I fold one side under and leave the top open.

Easy make-ahead frozen breakfast

That’s all there is to it!

Including cooling time, it takes between an hour to an hour and a half and you end up with roughly 10-15 frozen breakfast sandwiches (depending on how many buns you have) and about 8-10 frozen breakfast burritos (with a medium size tortilla – I have more pictured because I made them with small fajita tortillas for my step-daughter).

Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches Variations


  • English muffin (toasted or plain)
  • Bagel or mini bagel
  • Croissant


  • Bacon
  • Canadian Bacon
  • Bacon Bits (I’ve used these in the burritos and in the eggs)
  • Faux meat products
  • Mushrooms
  • Shrimp (if you’re unsure about this one, try shrimp and eggs – yum!)
  • Any type of sausage link cut the long way and opened flat


  • Veggies (I’ve done asparagus, peppers, tomato, etc)
  • Salsa
  • Hot Sauce (if you’re like my husband, lots of hot sauce)
  • Potatoes / Hash Browns

Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches FAQ

How long do you cook the frozen breakfast sandwiches in the microwave?

For as many times as I’ve been asked this question, I still don’t have an answer. Differences in microwaves and personal preference make it almost impossible to give everyone a great answer. General rule of thumb: wrap in a paper towel to keep the bun moist and heat in 30 second intervals until desired temperature. If you feel like the bun may get soggy, you can remove it and heat the sausage and egg a bit and reassemble.

Do you cook the sausage first?

I buy pre-cooked frozen sausage, so I simply take them out of the freezer and begin assembly.

Do you toast the bun first?

I don’t take the time to do so because I figure it won’t make much difference once frozen and reheated, but I’ve heard that others prefer them toasted and they save time by placing them in the oven under the broiler all at once.

Where did you get that pan?

The first pan I got was the Food Network brand and then got the USA Brand that is a little lighter and less expensive – I believe I got both at Kohls.

You can find the baking pan I use on Amazon. If you want to make even more breakfast sandwiches at once, they have an extra large pan.

I also have the smaller baking pan, the cake pan, the pan with the wire grate, and the muffin tin – use to make our egg breakfast muffins. I love them all!! 

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45 thoughts on “How to Make a Month of Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches {and Burritos}

    1. Post author

      You should definitely give it a shot! I have a tiny, messy kitchen and often assemble 6 sandwiches at a time on top of my stove! 🙂 thanks so much for stopping by!

    2. Sheryl Elk Grove

      I made these one Sunday for me to have in the freezer. Loved how easy they were to make and also take out of the foil to stick them in the microwave and then back in the foil. Since I am the only one eating them, I am going to experiment with the quantity so I don’t have as many in the freezer. I added sauteed onions, peppers, zucchini, and spinach. Bought Turkey sausage log and sliced that up one day and made the egg mixture the next. My goal is 6 english muffins and approximately 6 tortillas.

  1. Fawn

    What an awesome idea!! Thanks for sharing! My husband said I shouldn’t have told him about this post because you just raised the bar for breakfast! haha He expects to see some breakfast burritos and sandwiches in our freezer soon. 🙂

    1. Post author

      Haha! No worries, if you have some time one day he can have enough in the freezer for a month! 🙂

      1. Dorothy Steiner

        we don’t use the microwave anymore either…takes some rethinking, but can be done and healthier for ya…

  2. Meghan

    I love this idea for my husband. It will save us a ton of money. We don’t use a microwave. Any thoughts on heating in the toaster oven?

  3. Jennifer

    I want to make these for camping… Have you ever done so and how would you warm them… Grill I suppose? Or thaw and warm in crockpot perhaps?

    1. Post author

      I was thinking about how we could camp using these! They’d be perfect because you can bring them frozen and they’ll help your cooler stay cold. Packed in the foil, you could grill or just heat them near the fire. Crockpot is an excellent idea too.

  4. Terri

    UGH! I got raw egg all over my oven trying to get them into the oven. Do you preheat the pan in the oven and pour them into the hot pan or what?

    1. Post author

      Oh no! I just pour them in and carefully get the pan into the oven. I’ve never had a spill, but it does take a steady hand.

      You could pour the egg and seasoning into a bowl with a spout and pour it all into the pan while it is on the rack just before going in the oven. That would help as long as it didn’t shift too much when you push the rack inside.

  5. Kathy Jo

    Question: How much of the egg do you cook in one pan full? Two small cartons or two large cartons? Not sure if I should cook two batches or one big batch.

    1. Post author

      Hi Kathy!

      I use two of the large 32 oz cartons and get about 15 rounds and some burritos out of that – it would equal about 1 1/2 real eggs per serving.

      I do the two cartons to make the eggs a bit thicker so I can use a smaller glass and get more rounds out of my pan

    1. Post author

      Hi Wendy!

      1 cup of Egg Substitute equals 4 large eggs, and I believe I use the 32oz carton and I typically use 2. From my calculation, that would be 32 eggs. Considering I typically get 15 egg rounds and quite a bit of burritos out of the scraps, it ends up being close to 1 1/2 eggs per serving.

      Hope that helps!

  6. Jessica

    Have no clue why I never thought to do this. My husband does the same thing so this would definitely be great for us. Specially with eating healthy I can make healthy substitutes then what you can buy in the store. Thanks for sharing

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  8. Melissa

    If you use hashbrowns in burrito do you need to cook hashbrowns first lightly brown in cooking oil, cool then add to burrito? What is your suggestion?

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  10. Tracy

    What is the texture of the egg like once it’s been frozen and then re-heated in the microwave? Is it rubbery?

    1. Kristin, Exploring Domesticity Post author

      Hi Jenn! My husband has evolved and done them so many ways. He’s taken them right out of the freezer and heated them up, but I think he prefers to thaw them overnight or take a couple out at a time and keep them in the fridge until morning.

  11. Lynne

    Yummy! Just made my first batch. Used salsa and green chilis instead of schiracha and added beans to the burritos. I love the idea of making burritos and sandwiches at once. Perfect for pre-surgery prep.

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  13. Susan Landry

    I have made breakfast sandwiches in spurts over the years. I’ve never thought of baking the eggs, though. How easy! And using the scraps to make the burritos…genius! I will totally be doing this over Christmas break. Thanks for the great idea!
    Susan Landry recently posted…Food for Thought #11My Profile

  14. Debbie B

    This is a great idea but I would have to triple the amount I make with my husband and son’s (teenage) appetite a regular batch would be gone in a week. I am definately going to try these though since my hubby has a 30 minute commute to work and my son spends over an hour on the bus each morning getting to school this would be a nice easy start to their day. Also we have a special needs daughter who isn’t into cooking but reheating is great for her. I love these idea’s and am going to add my own touch as well. Thanks

    1. Kristin, Exploring Domesticity Post author

      These sound so great for your family!! I really hope they enjoy them! Luckily, making them assembly-line style means you can make a huge batch at once and it doesn’t seem to take too much longer. Also, that gives you the opportunity to make a couple different kinds so they can switch off and have something new. Thanks so much for commenting, Debbie!!

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