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DIY Cork Message Boards {super easy IKEA hack}

This IKEA hack is so easy and adorable. Add some flair and organization to any space with these DIY Cork message boards.

The options for personalizing are endless! I added some pink and custom sparkle push pins, but you’ll see how easy it is to make these little message boards and I guarantee your creative juices will start flowing for your own space!

Super Easy DIY Cork Message Board for adorable organization {IKEA hack}

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Create Your Own Wall Art in Minutes {$150 Minted Giveaway}

You don’t have to spend a ton on a big piece of art for your wall. In minutes, anyone can have a beautiful art piece without a lot of work or a hefty price tag.

All you need is a canvas or a frame, some fabric, and a staple gun.

If you stick around you can also win $150 to Minted!!!


Create your own wall art in minutes

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Hamper Hoop DIY: keep kids’ clothes off the floor

A little while ago I shared some of our favorite ways for making cleaning fun for kids. Well, we have one more trick up our sleeve, and it’s so easy you can do it too!

My little guys actually loves to put his laundry in the hamper and clean up his clothes. We spent one dollar on this project and we no longer have clothes on the floor or have to remind him to pick up. 

We love this fun way to help kids put their clothes in the hamper!

Hamper Hoop DIY

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Ghost Pops: cute Halloween craft with plastic grocery bags

I love a project that is cute, easy, and uses up the millions of plastic bags laying around the house.

These simple little ghosts are something I used to make with tissues or fabric on more than a few Halloweens. This time, we’re jazzing up Dum-Dums with white plastic bags.

Happy Halloween!

Ghost Pops: add a little flair for Halloween and reuse all those plastic bags

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Witch in My Window: quick and easy Halloween decoration

Halloween is such a fun holiday! It is definitely one of my favorites for decorating.

I have a really easy Halloween decoration for your front door or window. You may even have the supplies laying around the house, making this so cheap, quick, and easy!

Witch in My Window: cheap, quick, and easy Halloween decoration for your door or window
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Pop up Camper Remodel: Painting and Flooring

So, if your like us and you’re wondering how important it actually is to take the time for some serious prepsanding and priming or a special kit – or if you can just wing it with a paint with primer and a decent cleaning… I’m here to tell you, it depends on your plans for your camper.

For us, we know we want to take it out this summer, we know it will take a lot of abuse, and we know it won’t be long before the kids are too busy for camping trips.

We decided to go the “good enough” route because we bought this camper to be used and enjoyed. We will find out if we only find a chance to use it a couple times a year, or if we eventually want to go bigger because we use it so often. This camper is our trial run.

Pop Up Camper Remodel: painting and Flooring

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Make an easy display for party decorations, shower games, holiday cards, or photos

I shared the easy things we did to make my cousin’s couples shower a complete success.

Next to the Tie-the-Knot relay, which was a blast, the most fun for me was making them a keepsake / party decoration / game.

How to make a “Who is it?” shower game, party decor, and keepsake

How to make a "Who is it?" Shower Game, party decor, and keepsake

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Couples Wedding Shower Games and Activities

I recently co-hosted a couples shower with my cousins and their spouses. They had the food covered but it was up to me to get creative and come up with the invites, decorations, games, and keepsakes.

I can’t believe how well it went, and everything came together relatively stress-free.


I happened to be looking through Pinterest right when my cousin called to discuss the couples wedding shower for our other cousin. When she mentioned they were thinking of doing BBQ, I couldn’t have been more excited.
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My Favorite Summer Projects

I love Spring!

We have spent the majority of our time outside, the kiddos and I are getting all sorts of exercise, and it has me itching for some summer projects.

Since it’s been a while, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite summer projects.

My Favorite Summer Projects

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